We love engineering projects!
The earlier we get involved in your project, the
greater impact we can have.

Sub-contract Engineering Services

From involvement in design through to production of fully finished components, assemblies or complete products, we will ensure that the entire process will deliver a high-quality and cost-effective result.

The processes we can offer include;

  • Component and product design – our designer's use SolidWorks CAD
  • CNC machining
  • Sheet metal fabrication – including fabrication and welding
  • Power press work – up to 100 tonnes
  • Wire forming
  • Assembly and test – mechanical and electrical
  • Painting and plating

We supply to diverse sectors and have long-standing relationships with blue chip customers who treat us as an extension to their own business.

Luxury vehicle interiors

“Turnkey Kit” of 12 different components,
involvement in design, and sourcing/manufacture of tooling to supply:

  • Satin chrome die-castings – machined, polished and plated.
  • Complex wire forms.
  • Pressed components – in plastic, spring steel and pre-coated aluminium sheet.

“Simple componentry” for multiple customers

  • CNC machined parts, pressings and wireforms, made-to-print parts for customers in many sectors.

Marine Products

Full range of KPM-Marine workboat systems:

  • Bilge pumps – CNC machined parts, electrical systems.
  • Engine Room Vents – air flow cabinets (marinised), stainless steel fabrications, machined componentry, filtration, electrical assembly.
  • Stainless Steel Sea Strainers.
  • Seating and suspension systems – complex sheet metal forms, CNC parts, high specification paint finishes, upholstery.

The same level of attention is given to all of our customers; we make our own products, so we understand the quality and service that you require.

Stationery Pressings

M A Lloyd produces a family of parts for the manila file manufacturing industry based on an in-house range of tooling and high volume manufacturing equipment.

Our components are manufactured (in the UK) from high quality tin-plated steel and electrogalvanized wire. High levels of output, quality and low cost are achieved from the following;

  • In-house designed and commissioned power press tools.
    In a single tool a pressing is formed in 3 stages and a wire in 2 stages, the pair are then assembled all within the same tool.
  • Electronic tool sensing is used creatively to ensure that each component is correct before producing the next one.
  • Quality is further assured by the use of checking fixtures, based on a detailed analysis of critical component features.

All of our fine products are custom made, if you are interested in more information, please send us an enquiry to discuss your requirements.