Established in 1867,
MA Lloyd & Son Ltd has built a strong reputation in engineering.


MA Lloyd & Son Ltd established in 1867 following the unexpected death of John Ward Lloyd (one of the Founding Fathers of the Industrial Revolution in Birmingham). His wife Mary Ann Lloyd and their sons carried on the family lamp making business.

Late 1800's

Late 1800's, supplied Stationers' Sundries to the Empire:including Ornate Ink Pots, Ink Stands, Perpetual Calendars, Blotters, Clipboards, Deed & Document Boxes for Banks.

War Years

War Years: 1939 - 1945 manufactured bullet links for fighter aircraft machine guns, 250.000 per week at its peak. The Company premises are in the Gun Quarter of Birmingham. plane

Post War

Development of specialist engineering metal-forming techniques, manufacturing Handbag Frames & Clasps for Marks & Spencer. Marks and Spencer


Wire-Forming for the Automotive Industry: Sun Visor Frames for all Ford vehicles manufactured in the UK, up until the late 1990`s. ford


John & Susan Key purchase the business from The Lloyd Family in September 1991. Transition phase to exploit the expertise within the Company, by promoting
sub-contract engineering services leading to significant growth in specialist metal presswork and Turnkey engineering projects. The company developed a presence in the stationery presswork sector & mobile phone antenna sector.


KPM-Turnkey Co-Founded with Julian Morgan, providing sub-contract engineering services, CNC machining and design of automotive interiors.


Purchase of ADSIT Developments Ltd incorporating Cash Drawer Range into our Office Products business.


KPM-Turnkey began development of own-designed range of Marine Products for the offshore power boat sector.

The Last 10 Years

M A Lloyd also trading as
KPM-Marine. Rapid growth of own-designed marine systems for the Commercial Workboat sector. KPM


M A Lloyd continues to provide specialist sub-contract engineering services in CNC, machining & metal fabrication, serving high profile customers such as Aston Martin and Lotus.

The Stationery & Office Product division maintains its enviable position within the marketplace.